FM Systems and KLM merge

FM Systems Backline and KLM Backline Merge to Create the Largest Backline Company in Canada

Calgary, Alberta, Canada - FM Systems and KLM Backline are two companies with a reputation for service excellence. Marlin Jones, CEO of FM Systems, and Mike Little, owner of KLM, knew there was an amazing opportunity to achieve something truly special by coming together. “Artists and Engineers already know that FM and KLM provide the seamless experience they need,” explains Jones. “Together, we offer inventory and customer service that not only excels in the Canadian Market, but excels anywhere.”

The merged company will launch under the new name FourForty Backline, building on a commitment to the music and the musicians that they serve. The bold new logo, simple and elegant, will be instantly recognizable. The cleverly disguised drum key and reference to pitch standard reinforce how FourForty Backline will be on-key and in-tune with the musicians we serve. “We want to continually emphasize the importance of creating a simple and professional experience when dealing with FourForty Backline,” remarks Jones.  The rebranding includes a striking new website for the company and creating increased opportunities for clients to connect. Updated inventory, vintage, and specialty offerings along with service and support are aligned in a clean and easy to navigate site.

 Both parent companies bring strong client portfolios to the new brand. FM Systems has provided backline services for the Canadian Country Music Awards, CFL Grey Cup Halftime and Festival, and the Junos. KLM Backline has provided equipment to the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, and numerous touring artists. “Our existing clients will see immediate benefits from our expanded offering,” says Jones. “And we now have the ability to meet the needs of any event anywhere.”

 “It’s exciting to build something big with Marlin and his team,” says Little. “As a competitor, I had always admired FM’s professionalism and attention to detail. The opportunity to join forces was a once-in-a-career opportunity that I couldn’t pass up!”

 FourForty Backline is eager to take backline service in Canada to new heights as we stand Behind Every Musician.

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