Backline services

We’re more than just a gear supplier.
Our experienced backline technicians know their stuff (and yours!)
Put our expertise to work for you.

On-Site Technical Services & Touring

FourForty Backline technicians are available to assist at your event.  In the heat of the moment, you want someone you can trust to deal with any issues that arise so you’re able to focus on what matters – your audience.

We know the life of a touring musician is tough and there’s many demands on everyone’s time.  A professional technician can provide much needed support for artists and their gear.

Warehousing & Logistics

Between gigs?  On a tour hiatus?
Let us store your gear in our warm, secure, fully insured warehouses until you need it next.

Flying in to a gig and need to send your gear in advance?  We can arrange shipping, warehousing, and delivery to your gig with right-on-time service.

Festival Coordination

Producing a large, multi-act festival or special event? That’s a lot of backline and everything needs to be just-so for each artist. Let us handle the details. We’ll contact the artists to determine exactly what they need, create equipment schedules for the event, and prepare the equipment for a flawless roll-out on show day.

Conceirge Service

One phone call and it’s done.  We can do any combination of the above in a full-service, professional style that’s fully integrated with your artist’s needs.  It’s like we’re a member of the band and taking care of the packaging.

Maintenance & Repair

It’s your baby.  Your most treasured possession. Your moneymaker.  We can do cosmetic and electronic repair on most backline pieces – and don’t worry, we’ll treat it like our own.